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       ~ Introduction ~

Congratulations on your decision to visit/ contact Guardforce Security for all your Durban Security Guard requirements. We are the leading Durban Security Group & Durban Security Guard Services Company in  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal! 

We are a medium and growing independent, reputable Group
... operating in the entire Natal
Region, concentrating mainly in  Durban and surrounding areas.

The Group, in operation now for over 30 years - consists of all aspects of security ... Guards, Armed Response, Street Patrols, Electronic Patrol System, Alarm Systems, Panic Alert Systems, Medical Alert, Access Control Systems, CCTV, Intercoms, Fire evacuation, Smoke detection, Locksmiths, and Private Investigations.

We also have our own 24-Hour Control Centre which is equipped with the latest 'state-of-the-art' computerised monitoring equipment.

( Another secret ... because we are so reasonably priced - we monitor for   numerous 'other' security companies )

*We cater for  Radio Monitoring, Cellular & Telephonic Monitoring thus ensuring your contact with Guardforce is maintained 24/7

If we are in your area, you are safe to walk to the beach, stroll in the park, go shopping - enjoy your leisure time in a safe environment!

" ...hopefully these images above remind you to upgrade your security " 

*Our officers and technical staff are in constant radio/ telephone contact with our       24 hr. Control centre - via V.H.F. Radio & our comprehensive Cellular network!

The Alarms division installs, monitors, and maintains all types of intruder detection systems, Kivellert patrols systems, cctv's, intercoms, all forms of electronic surveillance equipment ... 
and is very proud of its extremely high professional standards.

REPAIRS TO OLD & NEW:  (We are  affectionately known as " the Alarm Doctor " )

Our technical support division offers 24 hr. technical / maintenance back-up if so required. Additionally - repairs are carried out on all types of systems...old and new. On numerous occasions we have been commissioned by our 'competitors' to fix/ 
repair their own systems,  (when they have failed) ... such is our very high standard 
of  'technical expertise'. 
So, before you throw out your Old System and be duped into 
buying a whole new system by a smooth-talking-sales rep ... driven by earning high commission - Give us a call and we will be glad to assist. 
' ...we're honest! '


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