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About Us

Guardforce is well renowned security business in Durban operating since 1980

In the Property market, the main buzzword is " Location, Location, Location"... sometimes the alternative is used: ' Position, Position, Position'.

The security industry did not have a keyword 'slogo' until we pegged one as far back as 1979: " Honesty, Honesty, Honesty ". And... because our Brand Name is of such high repute, many of our rivals, local & overseas, use or incorporate the title 'guardforce' within their name or organisation.

Rest assured that you have arrived at the original 'real' Guardforce Group.

When dealing with an Alarm Company, honesty is extremely important! You need to know who you are dealing with simply because 99% of all Alarm System Control Panels are installed in the main bedroom of the residence. This means that the technicians installing your system have full access to your main bedroom and all other areas of the dwelling. They will be in and out your main bedroom where all your personal items hang around, apart from learning the lay-out as well.

Beware of Companies that take on ‘tok’ labour without screening them. Small items such as jewellery may go missing without you realising it at first, but discover it later on. Theft of clothing & shoes from cupboards and tools from garages have been reported. There have been reports of customer’s spare keys missing, and technicians using a customer’s hair brush, even using a tooth brush! Plotting and liaising with domestic staff about family members ’ins’ and ‘outs’ and routine habits of the household are of concern as well.

We are a family-oriented business and we are a caring company. We combine good P. R. and Human Resource Management with cutting-edge-technology! We are trustworthy, honest, & all managers adopt a hands-on approach with a good work ethic. We have no reps, ... thus our prices are always affordable!

Guardforce - the Perfect Package. Why are we so different?

We are one of a kind … we relish a good Challenge!

We understand that no two clients’ needs are the same!

We keep an eye on the Numbers, we don’t gamble with your assets.
We implement cost-efficient Loss Control

The 'headaches' are ours,... we take on all the hassles!
You get quality Service & Equipment with high efficiency.

Guardforce is the only company that offers a 2 YEAR WARRANTY on all electronic installations. Even when suppliers only offer 1 year, we go ... the EXTRA YEAR!
Thank You!

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