Alarm Installations in Durban

Alarm Installations in Durban

Perimeter to Passive Intruder Alarm Systems


These days there are numerous types of Alarm Systems with various types of Alarm Control panels and peripheral detection devices. Whether you are a D.I.Y. installer or a potential customer of ours, it is important to make use of a good quality brand that has stood the test of time, and more importantly has good lightning protection, as our climate often boasts the most severe electric storms.

All Alarm Systems comprise of a Main Alarm Control Panel to which a whole bunch of mixed detection components are connected. The Alarm Control Panel also includes the standby battery and whatever monitoring device has been opted for, such as a radio modem, a telecom modem, or the most popular choice being a Cellular Modem with sim card.

Perimeter Intruder Alarm System

A Perimeter Alarm System, is a system comprising of a whole series of magnetic contacts installed on all external doors, and every single window or opening vent that exists on the premises. No internal PIR beams. (One can increase the level of security by adding on one or more PIR Beams to the Perimeter System, depending on their specific requirements. The PIR beams will act as a back-up against component failure.)

Passive Infra-Red Intruder Alarm System

A Passive Infra-Red Alarm System (PIR System) is system comprising of any number of Passive Infra-Red Beams (detectors), placed in strategic points within the premises. With this method of protection, magnetic reed contacts are also installed on all external doors only. Magnetic door contacts can also be installed on internal doors as you please.

*(These days magnetic door contacts are quite often used on the ‘opening section’ of selected window frames, offering a certain amount of perimeter protection.)

The Passive Infra-Red detectors operate by sensing the infra-red energy [heat] emitted by an intruder,- a totally passive device it emits no radiation, coupled with the unique environmental disturbance rejection circuitry, and dual sequential sensing elements, - makes it an incredibly reliable and 'false-alarm- free' detector.

The Passive Infra-Red Beams safeguard against intrusion through the roof tiles, windows, and or any other weak entry point such as perhaps an air-conditioning unit, or skylight whatever an intruder decides to break through.
The PIR Beams basically fill up a room volumetrically with infra-red beams which are very difficult to avoid if an intruder manages to break into a room. Of course with this kind of protection one must understand that you are detecting an intruder “once-they-are-in-the-premises”.

A PIR System is great for folks who have a holiday cottage, or holiday apartment located very far from their primary residence that remains vacant for long periods of time in-between holidays etc., etc.

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