Alarm Repairs in Durban

Alarm Repairs in Durban

Repairs to old and new alarm systems

REPAIRS TO OLD & NEW: (We are affectionately known as "the Alarm Doctor")

Whether it is an Alarm System, or a small Panic Button System, a CCTV system, an Intercom System, Automated Gates, new or old, if it is playing up giving you false alarms or no longer working, give us a shout and we may save you a lot of money doing repairs.

When it involves Intercoms & automatic gates very often problems will typically be in the wiring within damaged conduits or concrete. Fault-finding is key to finding the root cause of a problem as opposed to spending huge amounts of money replacing a whole system when all it required was a bit of logical, intelligent fault-finding expertise!

We can also customize systems for you, for example let us assume you have a garage or outbuilding that needs to be ‘bypassed’ from the Main System from time to time, but when bypassed it would be great to have a little red light shining at the outbuilding itself when it is armed, and when it is unarmed, the little red light will be off. This facility is extremely handy for the occupants of the main house who will regularly want to check the status of the garage/ outbuilding sector. All they have to do is gaze out of their window and check if the red light is shining or not. Handy little add-ons to your system like this one described are very popular. It has to be custom-made.

Another popular add-on system we have installed for residents is an independent stand-alone Panic System for their domestic servants. Fifty percent of residents have servant’s quarters where their servants live in. Quite often they have been left out of the alarm planning procedure. They have no means to call for help or raise the alarm when they are attacked or being held-up! The installation of an independent stand-alone Panic System for them is the solution! This system can be designed to trigger a siren, or trigger a buzzer in the main house or even be linked to the monitoring company monitoring the main Alarm System. It gives them great peace-of-mind. The landlord is happy!

Our technical support division offers technical / maintenance back-up if so required. As previously explained, repairs are carried out on all types of systems ... old or new and our very high standard of 'technical expertise' is well known in the industry. So, before you throw out your Old System and be duped into buying a whole new system by a smooth-talking-sales rep ... driven by high commission - Give us a call and we will be glad to assist. ' ... we do repairs and we're honest! ' Thank you.

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