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Typical Security Guard Combinations
(Most Common Requirements):

Grades 'A', 'B', 'C' & 'D' Guards:

We supply static / patrolling uniformed Security Guard(s), equipped with the usual - baton, handcuffs, police whistle, etc, to carry-out door/gate control duties, access control, patrols, general observations, deter against fire, theft and loiterers, and to carry out whatever additional tasks you request, etc, … etc..

All Security Guards are registered with PSIRA and have completed their appropriate training, and have received their certification depending on whatever Grades they have obtained.

If you already make use of Guardforce Durban Security Guards then you are familiar with the shifts, typical duties expected from the Guards, and the various unique procedures etc., etc. However, if you are deciding to make use of Guardforce Security Guards for the very first time due to the rapidly increasing crime rate, you may not be aware of the fact that there are several options you may adopt.

Every site is different. The dynamics are forever changing! Every business is different. Every application is different in terms of various factors such as the specific duties of the Security Guards, their expected routines, whether static or patrolling, the number of Security Guards required, and the location/ physical address of the premises where the Security Guards are to be posted.

In the Property / Realty sector, the most favourite phrase quoted is “Location, Location, Location”. Strangely enough, this phrase pertains to the Security Guarding Industry as well. Simply because ‘transport costs to & fro’ for the Security Guards who have been delegated to your site, on your premises, at your address, is a vital consideration.

Whether you are a private individual, a private residence, a domestic business, an entrepreneurial start-up business, a residential block, a hotel, a guest house, a bed & breakfast, a City Lodge, a club, a shop, an event organizer, a conference venue, a commercial or industrial enterprise, we are more than happy to provide you with a free quotation for whatever security services you require.

The following is a few of our most common Security Guard Contract plans we offer, and indeed have provided for numerous clients for over forty (40) years now:

Monthly Dayshift Security Guard:
Monday to Sunday [ 06h00 → 18h00 ]

Monthly Nightshift Security Guard:
Monday to Sunday [ 18h00 → 06h00 ]

24 Hour Security Guards:
This is a combination of dayshift & nightshift, usually referred to as “ 24-Hour Security Guards. Monday - to - Sunday ... 24-Hours.

Nightshift Security Guard plus Weekend Dayshift cover:

This is a combination of having a permanent Nightshift Security Guard, plus Dayshift cover on weekends and public holidays. The Nightshift Security Guard costs would be levied at a fixed monthly price, whilst the Dayshift Security Guard costs would be calculated at a daily ‘pro-rata rate’ multiplied by the number of dayshifts worked.

Obviously the monthly costs for the ‘dayshift’ cover will vary slightly from month to month as some months have 4 weekends, … some 4 ½ weekends, … and some 5. Additionally, some months may have the odd Public Holiday(s) as well. Thus the monthly dayshift cover cost will vary slightly.

24-Hour Guard: Weekends & Public Holidays only:

Dayshift & Nightshift cover for prime time - Weekends & Public Holidays only:

Example: A typical normal “Weekend Cover” would consist of Friday-Night, Saturday-Day, Saturday-Night, Sunday-Day & Sunday-Night i.e. costs would be 5 x the shift rate quoted. Other weekends may/ will include the odd Public Holiday. Plus you must consider the random Public Holidays as well to calculate monthly costs.

Random Temporary Security Guards:

Temporary Security Guards are available for folks who require short-term Guarding Services say for a few days, or a few nights only. For example: Typical scenario would be a gate that has been badly damaged, may require the services of a Security Guard to protect the entrance, a family moving into a new residence may require a Security Guard for a few days and nights, functions and events may require Security Guards to protect valuables for the duration of an event or conference. Random Temporary Security Guards will be levied on a ‘per-shift-worked’ basis. i.e. the number of shifts worked multiplied by the quoted shift rate.

These combination plans include all the Security Guards 'off-time', and relief guards for sick replacements. (Any portion of any given month will be levied on a pro-rata ‘per-shift-worked’ basis.)

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